The DJ Doran Show

Do Something Nice is on the DJ Doran Show!

Jeff was honored to be a guest on this Chicago based radio show where he was happy to talk about the Do Something Nice network and what brought everything together.

The conversation was amazing and Jeff and DJ covered topics including how the Do Something Nice network came to be, what were some of the things that impacted Jeff to be a good person, and even a little bit about Jeff's experience in running for office.

You can watch the YouTube video here (Contains explicit content: Listener discretion is advised):

About the DJ Doran Show

According to the show's website: Based in Chicago, the DJ Doran Show is a live radio show that talks about all sorts of topics. These topics range from current events and politics to off-hand topics designed to really bring in other points of view you may not have given any thought about.

DJ Doran likes to keep it real by providing an open ended non-politically correct conversation that includes him not being afraid to ask even the toughest questions. He wants to learn from his guests and the topics at hand and likes to share what he learns with his listeners.

His show can be heard on your favorite podcast platform or on YouTube.

You can also check out the show's website at If you like what you hear, please subscribe to his show and follow them online.

You can find the show at the shows website or on the following social media accounts:


Thank you DJ and producer Nick for such an amazing time. it was a pleasure to be on your show. Also thank you to all of your fans of the show for taking the time to listen in and I hope you all take on the challenge to be a "Nice Ninja" and Do Something Nice for someone without being caught!