Do Something Nice is a feel good podcast bringing you weekly positive stories and messages to help brighten your day. Host Jeff Bonano, welcomes you to join in and listen to stories that recognize good deeds within our fellow humans and shares some positive advice to help you keep the faith that there are good people out in the world including yourself. Each episode also helps support Jeff’s challenge to the world which is to “Do something nice for someone without being caught.” The idea that we should be doing kind things without the need for recognition.

Who is Do Something Nice?

Jeff Bonano - Host

Jeff Bonano is the host of the Do Something Nice podcast. Jeff is also a Voiceover Artist for hire. He currently resides in his home town of Sparks, Nevada where he is regularly active within his community. Jeff’s favorite volunteer activity is helping out at the Children’s Cabinet during their Art of Childhood event which is a fundraiser to help raise money for children and families in need. Two-time recipient of the Presidential Points of Light award, Jeff has an optimistic mindset that anyone can make a difference in the world no matter how big of a place it is. In fact, one of his core values is that you should earn the life given to you.

You can find Jeff online elsewhere too:

Website: jeffbonano.com
email: jbonano@jeffbonano.com
Facebook: jeff.bonano
Twitter: JeffBonano
IMDB: Jeff Bonano
Sparks of Interest podcast: sparksofinterest.net

Odutayo Giwa Tawakalitu - Writer

Along with portions of the show being written by Jeff, he is joined by Odutayo Giwa Tawakalitu, an avid writer who writes about almost anything from articles to eBooks on any topic. From Nigeria, she has been a regular writer for the Do Something Nice podcast during the first three seasons and provided a mixture of various cultural diversities as well as an intriguing point of view to the show and it’s episodes. When she is not writing, she can be found reading, dancing or hanging out with friends.